CFAT is an inclusive artist-run centre that supports artists who use video, audio, and electronic media to express ideas and stories that are under-represented in mainstream culture.
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Call For Submissions: Liminal Residency

June 15th to October 1st 2020


CFAT x Nocturne : Liminal Residency

Applications Due: May 13th, 2021

Residency Dates: June 15th to October 1st 2020

Theme by curator Liliona Quarmyne

To be liminal is to be in between. To be suspended between realities. It is to see both past and future, to know where we have been and see where we have to go, to have left one way behind without yet being able to live what is ahead. It is transition, threshold, possibility, ambiguity.

In this time when we struggle to release previous ways and look to new realities of justice and care, how can creativity enliven the liminal space in which we live? How can our experiences of being both here and there enable us to acknowledge our complexity and contradiction? For those living experiences of marginalization and oppression, how can art bring power to the liminal experience?

This is an invitation to step into the portal that hangs between. This portal is multi-dimensional, able to turn and rotate, to be seen from many angles and perspectives. It is both complex and piercingly clear. It is liminal.

As we step into this liminality, can we begin to imagine that which cannot yet be imagined?


CFAT is pleased to be teaming up with the Nocturne Art at Night Festival to commission a new work to debut at the 2020 Nocturne art at Night Festival. One artist will be selected to create a media artwork (ex. VR, projection mapping, audio, video, etc.) using CFAT’s resources, which will be given confirmed acceptance into the 2021 Nocturne art at Night Festival.

From June 8th to October 1st, the selected artist will have unlimited use of CFATs equipment and facilities to create their work. If you’re curious about what we can technically support feel free to follow this link ( for more information on our facilities or reach out to Seamus Gallagher at with any equipment related questions.

Artists will be paid a $1000 commissioning fee, and given $1000 to put towards physical installation supplies for their projects. Nocturne will be generously providing the artist with a $450 presentation fee for their participation in the festival. While CFAT staff will do their best to introduce the artist to our studios and equipment, there will not be dedicated technical support for this residency. Because of this, the ideal candidate will already be well versed in the technologies required for their projects. The applicant will be responsible for their own installation on the night of the festival.

To apply please send the following things in an email with the subject line “CFAT x Nocturne Commissioning” to :

- Project proposal (what do you want to make, what do you think it might look like?) 1 page or less

- Covid contingency plan - While CFAT is feeling optimistic about the health and safety of HRM in a post vaccine world, we would like applicants to submit a plan for how their project could potentially accommodate social distancing and covid protocols.

- CV

- Examples of past work (max 5 images and/or 5 min of audio or video)

If you have any questions about the program, please reach out to Tori Fleming, Executive Director, at

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