CFAT is an inclusive artist-run centre that supports artists who use video, audio, and electronic media to express ideas and stories that are under-represented in mainstream culture.
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Student Job Opportunity

May 30th

Banner Job Call CFAT2023

Please read through this document prior to applying :-)

Remuneration: ($22/h, 30 hours a week) Hours 10-5, Tuesday - Friday

Anticipated Start Date: June 6th, 2023 End date: August 27th 2023

The ideal candidate is interested in contemporary art and art work, enrolled as a full-time student working towards a degree or diploma with a focus on contemporary art, writing, media, filmmaking or a related field of study.

The programming assistant will manage 2 summer projects.

⤷ Project 1: Managing the communications and installation of a TBA special screening

⤷ Project 2: A creative program/project to engage our members, activate our archive... what this looks like is up to the assistant!

Who We Are Looking For:

There is no expectation of previous arts work experience! Work experiences that feel exciting to us and relevant to the job call are: customer service, project coordination, community organizing, high-paced environments like cafes/bars/restaurants, and/or independent event organization (concerts, workshops, exhibitions, parties, etc….). This position is Halifax-based.

The ideal candidate will also have a driven curiosity to learn more about artist-run culture and anti-oppression within the creative sector. They will work to uphold programming frameworks that actively disrupt these realities while creating accessible entry points for community engagement. This candidate should be interested in media arts and/or excited about creative spaces, and will have event management and/or community programming/engagement ideas in mind.

The Centre for Art Tapes is hiring a Programming Assistant through the Young Canada Works Program. And therefore must abide by their eligibility requirements. To be considered you must be:

  • Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada

  • Enrolled in university as a full-time student for the upcoming year

  • Between the ages of 16-30 at the time of the residency (can be 30, so long as your birthday does not happen during work term)

Some additional highlights:

- All CFAT employees get unlimited use of our multimedia studios for their personal artistic practice

- A laptop to use for the work term

- To work alongside CFAT staff: Jesse, Tori and Seamus. All of whom are media artists with vast expertise in fields of film production, sound work, electronic building, VR tech, game design, arts management…. Wow!

Applications due: May 30th, 11:59PM. email riss@cfat for any q's.

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