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Power Lines Animation Project - FREE ARTIST TALK!

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FREE Artist talk and Animation Presentation!!

Tuesday September 1, 2015

CFAT project room
2238, Maitland Street | Halifax

The Centre for Art Tapes’ Power Lines Animation Project, facilitated by Animator Sam DeCoste, led participants through an 8-week animation training and mentorship opportunity. The goal was for each participant to create a short animated works as either figurative or literal interpretations on the theme of ‘power lines’. These following are the results.

Tori Fleming
Robyn Badger
Jessica Murwin
Deanna Sparks
Lorna Kirk

Herbert by Tori Fleming

Herbert is a heart-warming hand painted animated short film by film artist Tori Fleming. Based on the true story of the artist’s grandfather, Herbert presents themes of trust, ageing and vulnerability.

Who we are in the Forest by Jessica Murwin

Who we are in the Forest follows a young woman as she flees in search of something better for herself.

LIGHTNING BABY by Robyn Badger

Based on a true story. Ever wonder where your strengths come from? Or think you know? This short animation is front row centre when it comes to the saying, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

Lucinda’s Magical Locket by Deanna Sparks

Lucinda and GiGi take you on adventures through Lucinda’s magical locket. Lucinda’s locket is magical in the way that it glows, and shows children that are in need of help. With the help of GiGi, Lucinda ventures off to help save the day.

Brian & Peg by Lorna Kirk

Brian & Peg is an animated short that brings to life the nocturnal sounds and images that surround the lives of an elderly woman and her son. Using charcoal drawings and stop motion animation this film encapsulates a mother and son’s tender moments together, as they navigate a life nearing its end.

Presented in collaboration with Halifax Public Libraries

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