CFAT is an inclusive artist-run centre that supports artists who use video, audio, and electronic media to express ideas and stories that are under-represented in mainstream culture.
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Electronics Flea Market Oct 28th!!

Oct 31 10-4pm

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The electronics flea market fundraiser is back! This year it will be on the 28th of October from 10am-4pm! We are in the midst of pricing and taking in donations right now and its looking pretty incredible. I know every year I say the same thing but this year is looking very fun, and by far probably the most amount of things we have ever had for sale!!

we are introducing a few more elements this year: special early bird passes and a massive book section (thanks to a very generous donation of art/theory books)

Early Bird Pass: Because we are in the midst of a massive membership drive this year we have decided to offer a limited amount of early bird passes for new/renewed/current CFAT membership, the first 10 CFAT members in line will be able to enter at 930 am!! Check the membership section of our site for more info and reach out to buy a membership of any type/cost to

Books: We will have a section of very affordably priced books, we would also be happy to take any book donations to add to this section if there is anything you would like to drop off.

Electronics gear donations will be accepted right up until a day or two before, we will happily take a donation or also sell your items for 50/50 commission if you would like a little bit of money, reach out to for any enquiries regarding donations!

Some things for sale this year:

keyboards, computers, retro computers, synthesizers, effects pedals, video cameras, many vintage and rare electronic devices of various kinds, video/audio tape equipment, film/video lights, speakers, books, microphones, vhs tapes, camera accessories, cables, monitors, equipment cases, etc etc etc

There is way more than I could ever list here and there is multiple types of items in various states of function or needing repair. We will be as transparent as possible describing items condition and will be pricing stuff accordingly!!!

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