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E-Lab Winter Flea Market!


The CFAT electronics lab is having a fundraiser/yard sale to generate some cash for a project! We will have a combination of old electronics, parts, video equipment, camera equipment, computers, computer equipment, musical instruments, effects, sound cards, etc etc etc.

We are trying make sure this retains the spirit of a yard sale so things will be priced to move (minus a few big ticket items). We are also opening up the option for people to donate things that they would like to sell (CFAT will take 15% of sales on sold items). This could be anything that you think might be useful within the vague category of electronics, film/video, music gear, etc.

If you have something you would like to sell please phone C.F.A.T. @ 902-422-6822 or email Jesse at glowingsnakeeyedice@gmail.com in advance of the sale.

Details: It will take place on Saturday, November 24th at 9am-3pm, we can accept debit cash or credit. The address is 2238 Maitland st, please walk up to back of parking lot look for the sign!


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