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Connect to Protect: Dec. 5 Workshop Recording

December 5, 2020

Instructed by Sage Sidley, participants are calmly led through step-by-step procedures on their devices to detox their data and prevent further personal data from being collected.‍

WORKSHOP: Film and Video distribution for artists in the digital age


Jacquelyn Hébert, VUCAVU’s Community and Program Manager, will host a workshop for artists interested in learning more about online film and video distribution.

E-Lab Open Nights Are Back!


E-Lab Open Nights are for people of any skill level! You can repair equipment, get advice, create devices, finish projects, or get lessons!

Summer Workshops with Tim Tracey


Need a little extra technical knowledge to kick-start that animation project you’ve been working on? Need help making a low budget explosion? This August join us for two new workshops by Tim Tracey!

Physical Computing with Martin Marier


Physical computing with Martin Marier will provide you with basic tools and knowledge to bridge the analog and digital worlds.

Creative Sound Recording with Martin Marier


Finding good sound bodies (things that make noise), organizing recording sessions and, above all, imagining novel ways to make sounds are challenges that artists often face alone, equipped only with their ears and intuition.

Multiple Speaker Syndrome with Phil Strong


Join CFAT as we welcome Phil Strong for a workshop and tech talk!

DIY Oscillator/Sound Generator Building Workshop


This workshop will guide you through the process of building a six voice oscillator with minimal components and knowledge.

Circuit Bending ABC


Three-part workshop on the art and science of circuit bending musical instruments, toys and devices.



The Centre for Art Tapes is hosting a workshop where youth will create a short animated film (3min or less) that will be submitted to a competition in the Devour! The Food Film Fest sponsored by Nourish Nova Scotia.

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