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Synthesizer Building workshop!

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CFAT will be hosting an electronic synthesizer building workshop in April!

The aim of this workshop will be to teach participants the basics of analog circuit design through the process of building a small analog synthesizer that each participant will be able to keep at the end!

You will learn:

-Fundamentals of operational amplifiers
-Designing your own circuits
-Super easy circuit prototyping methods


-Participants will need some experience with soldering (there is enough time to get better at it before the workshop but the pcb is fairly complex with many parts, we wont be able to walk people through soldering if they have no experience)

-Have at least a basic understanding of electronic components (know the difference between resistors, capacitors, ics, etc)

Beyond those basic requirement's it is open to anybody with a limit of around ten participants.


-The cost for the base workshop is 30 dollars. If the participant would like nicer hardware (knobs) on their Drumpet they can pay 60 for the more expensive knobs.

-The 30 dollar fee will get you the more affordable "Davies Knobs" like these, the 60 dollar fee will use much nicer buchla style knobs similar to these.

The thing we are building:

The synthesizer currently goes under the name Drumpet (portmanteau of drum and trumpet). It is a unique standalone design inspired by the Pearl Syncussion with a touch of Buchla Music Easel.

The basic specs are as follows:
-Two analog vcos
-Two envelope/function generators (that also loop/oscillte)
-Two Low-pass gates/filters
-One LFO
-A Sample and Hold
-A mixer and spring reverb at the output stage

This simple architecture is then hugely expanded by the design of an easy to use routing interface for the different signals within the unit. The purpose of this is to show participants that a complex instrument can be built with the most simplest of components and circuits!


-The workshop will take place over a couple days on a weekend in April.

-As mentioned registration is limited and fees must be payed a few weeks in advance for acquiring parts.

If you want to participate or have any other questions email

We are currently waiting for the first prototype pcbs and should have some more sounds to listen to and photos to look at in the coming weeks!

3d rendering of circuit board:

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