Centre for Art Tapes

Founded in 1979 The Centre for Art Tapes is a not for profit artist-run, charitable, organization that facilitates and supports artists at all levels working with electronic media including video, audio, and new media.

Vision Statement
CFAT is an inclusive artist-run centre that supports artists who use video, audio, and electronic media to express ideas and stories that are under-represented in mainstream culture. CFAT is devoted to the exchange of ideas among diverse artists through experimentation, mentorship, presentation, and research.

Mission Statement
CFAT supports artists working with media technologies by providing subsidized public access to professional equipment, facilities, technical expertise, educational resources, mentorship, and other forms of professional and creative support. Through its organizational structure and its activities, CFAT strives to put marginalized artists into the centre of discourses and practices of media art. CFAT is transparent and accountable in its decisions, governance and finances.

2238 Maitland St
Halifax, NS, B3K 2Z9

Give us a call at (902) 422-6822, or email info@cfat.ca.

Hours of operation:
Tuesday: 9:30–5:00
Wednesday: 9:30–5:00
Thursday: 9:30–6:00
Friday: 9:30–5:00
Saturday, Sunday, Monday: CLOSED


We would like to thank the following Board Directors and members who are putting in extra time and energy, volunteering on our committees:

Current Staff
Cortney Cassidy, Interim Executive Director

Jesse Mitchell
Programming Coordinator
Tom Elliott
Production Director
Tori Fleming
Executive Director (returning March 2021)

Programming Committee
Cortney Cassidy
Francesca Ekwuyasi
Jesse Mitchell
Jessica Wiebe
Shawntay Rose Dann
Tara Taylor
Tori Fleming
Seamus Gallagher
Kim Kelly

Current Board of Directors
Ian Reilly
Isreal Ekanem
Kate Walchuk
Lindsay Ann Cory
Tara Taylor
Marissa Toner
Hugh Stewart

Personnel Committee
Lindsay Ann Cory
Tara Taylor
Marissa Toner

Equipment Committee
Chuck Clark
Halley Davies
Ian Reilly
Israel Ekanem
Lukas Pearse
Shawn Wolchyn