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Nocturne 2014

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Presented by the Centre for Art Tapes

October 18th, 2014, 6PM until Midnight

Museum of Natural History
1747 Summer St, Halifax, NS B3H 3A6

The Centre for Art Tapes is pleased to present two installations at the Museum of Natural History, Codweb created by Greig Oldford and She Wakes Up Gasping by Véronique Mackenzie.

In Codweb, light cascades through a series of crystals suspended by fibre optics. Each crystal represents a species in the marine ecosystem of the Scotian Shelf, an area off the coast of Nova Scotia. The sequence of light in the cascade follows the flow of energy through the ecosystem, beginning with photosynthetic phytoplankton and other ‘primary producers’ and finally to apex predators like sharks, whales and adult Atlantic cod. Predator-prey relationships were determined through years of research and generously provided by the Lotze Lab of Marine Ecology at Dalhousie University by Dr. T. Eddy and Dr. H. Lotze. Scientific knowledge of the individual ecological interactions of this ecosystem is thus aggregated and embedded in the piece, facilitating an aesthetic experience of the system as a whole.

In She Wakes Up Gasping a mysterious black and white photograph from MacKenzie’s childhood is found which sparks a journey into the world of dreams, reality and distorted memory. It becomes an obsession, which reveals that this captured frame is but a piece of a much larger and convoluted narrative, which is not really about her at all. Performances of She Wakes Up Gasping will occur every half hour, starting on the hour. The performance runs for approximately 25 minutes.


Can you spare some time to help us setup these installations?

• Friday October 17th between 9AM – 5PM
– help us load in gear/equipment
Saturday October 18th between 9AM – 6PM
– installation of two exhibitions
Saturday October 18th @ 12AM
– tear down of two exhibitions

Contact Kristy:
(902) 422-6842

Greig Oldford experiments with interactive electronic art, new media art, visual art, and film. His recent work explores the interface between science and art, focusing on ecological networks and systems. He holds a Bachelor of Science with a major in ecology from the University of Guelph and a Masters of Environmental Studies from Dalhousie University. He lives and works in Vancouver, though calls Halifax home.

Véronique MacKenzie is well known in the dance community for her eclectic choreographic explorations, which have included works in multi-media collaborations as well as within the comedic and traditional genres. Her work has been seen in festivals across the country and this past season has also included staging, directing and choreography for opera and theatre. MacKenzie is a recipient of one of Nova Scotia’s prestigious Established Artist Awards, teaching at The Fountain School of Performing Arts, NSCAD University and Halifax Dance and fills the rest of her time as a visual artist.

The Centre for Art Tapes is a not for profit artist-run, charitable, organization that facilitates and supports artists at all levels working with electronic media including video, audio, and new media. We provide services to a diverse membership, and the general public, that include production facilities, ongoing exhibitions and screenings. As well we provide programs that offer, through training and in-house residencies, opportunities for individuals to critically engage with cultural and social issues.

The Media Arts Scholarship is a rigorous six-month education and mentorship opportunity. Scholars make a media-art piece in a medium with which they have no previous background. Scholars will receive a series of free workshops designed specifically for them to gain the skills required for the realization of their projects, one-on-one mentorship with professionals working in media art, group mentorship, support from CFAT staff, CFAT membership, free access to CFAT equipment and facilities (value: $2,000), and a public premiere of the work they create. Upon completion of the program, Scholars receive an honorarium.

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