CFAT is an inclusive artist-run centre that supports artists who use video, audio, and electronic media to express ideas and stories that are under-represented in mainstream culture.
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CFAT is recovering from government program cuts resulting from the demise of the Film and Creative Industries, Nova Scotia agency. The training funds cut for the Media Arts Scholarship Program affected this core CFAT initiative.

For over 26 years, more than 240 artists have benefited by learning how to integrate media (video, audio, electronic and new media) technology in their art practice. Each artist currently receives the equivalent of $6000 in training, mentorship, equipment and facilities access and an honorarium. In addition, at the end of the 6-month scholarship, the participants present their work to the community. Alumni include: Thom Fitzgerald (1991), Andrea Dorfmann (1997), and Ariel Nasr (2006); all award winning artists.

Despite those cuts, CFAT is keeping the Media Arts Scholarship Program alive through a strategy of replacement funding from corporate sponsorships, fundraising events and personal donations. Your donation helps!

Our goal for this year-end fundraising campaign is: $1500.

This is what your donation could accomplish:

$450: one mentor’s honorarium

$250: instructor fees for 2 workshops

$100: a month and a half of mentorship time

$45: 3 hours in the audio suite

$25: one-day video camera rental

Donations can be made here.
Thank you.

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