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Physical Computing with Martin Marier


Physical Computing with Martin Marier

NOVEMBER 12th 10-6pm

$40.00 For C.F.A.T. Members – $60.00 For Non Members

Physical computing with Martin Marier will provide you with basic tools and knowledge to bridge the analog and digital worlds.

Martin's instrument "The Sponge"
Martin’s instrument “The Sponge”

In the first part (about one hour) of the workshop, Martin Marier will present his work on “The Sponge”, a digital musical instrument he designed and performs with. In the remaining four hours, participants will be invited to use an Arduino board to hook up sensors or actuators to their computers.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptop computer and their Arduino board (if they own one). It is suggested that they install the Arduino IDE as well as Pure Data.

To register email tori@cfat.ca or call (902)422-6822. We will require payment before the workshop. You may pay online below or by coming into the Centre at 2238 Maitland St.

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