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DIY Oscillator/Sound Generator Building Workshop


Registration for this workshop is now full!

Saturday, March 5th 1-5pm at Dalhousie University Art Gallery

This workshop will guide you through the process of building a six voice oscillator with minimal components and knowledge.
You will leave this workshop with a completed multi voice oscillator you can take home and play!

While geared towards beginners, please be aware that we will be doing a lot of soldering. If you cant solder please arrange a time before the workshop to pop in and get a brief tutorial!

Create rich harmonic drones, low frequency rhythmic choral pulsing, unusual noises, your own musical scale, or process external audio!

This workshop is taking place at Dalhousie Art Gallery to celebrate CFAT’s inclusion in the recent exhibition ‘Why are we saving All these artist publications + Other Galleries stuffs?’

$35 for members
$50 for non-members

Register Here!

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