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Circuit Bending ABC


Manipulate and Modify with Circuit Bending ABC

Three-part workshop on the art and science of circuit bending musical instruments, toys and devices.
Introduction to the basic and advanced techniques, as well as completing a fun project.

Circuit Bending A – B – C is a multi-part workshop taking place over three consecutive Saturdays.

It will introduce participants to the theory and practice of hacking/circuit-bending/modding electronic musical instruments/toys/devices. From the basics of simple hacking to advanced techniques, participants will complete the workshop with a fully realized musical device.

Each week will include a brief lecture on various techniques that can be implemented, and hands-on work time.

Instructor: Jesse Mitchell, CFAT Lab Technician
Workshop fee: $50 ($40 for CFAT members)
When: Saturdays, Nov. 21, 28 & Dec. 12, 2015
Location: Centre for Art Tapes, 2238 Maitland St., Halifax
Requirements: basic skills and provide your own device to circuit bend

Online at http://cfat.ca/?p=2561

or email Tori at: info@cfat.ca

or call Tori at: 902-422-6822
Course Outline

Week One:

A brief introduction to the practice of circuit-bending, basic safety ground-rules, and to various instrument types and interface designs. Begin disassembling of devices and discuss bending possibilities.

Week Two:

Introduction to some advanced techniques like pitch control, interfacing with external signals, motion, light, oscillation and automation.

Week Three:

A work period to finish up designs and modifications, troubleshoot devices, and discuss techniques and other possibilities.


Soldering is key – basic soldering experience is required (a quick and free tutorial the week before the workshop can be scheduled)
supply the device, instrument or toy of your bending goals (if not possible pay an extra fee for something CFAT will supply)

*Remember: Your bending target will heavily determine the coolness/usefulness of your finished product!

Suggested FUN devices:

– Mixers, guitar pedals, tape players, old synths/samplers, drum machines, keyboards, toys, etc.

– The eighties (heavily bendable!) are your friend! Toy keyboards, professional keyboards, synths, samplers, drum machines, effects pedals/racks, weird kids computer, karaoke machines, etc.

– The seventies can be great too! Omnichords, portable organs, mixers, record players, radios, etc.

– Don’t rule out the nineties – but interesting things start to become scarce, contact Jesse in advance with any questions!

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