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The Centre for Art Tapes is very pleased to announce that KRISTA DAVIS has been selected as the 2014 Local Artist-In-Residence. The Local Artist in Residence program provides an opportunity for local media artists to experiment and develop new works involving audio, video, or new media. This residency will take place at the Centre for Art Tapes for a period of six months, May through October 2014. Previous Local Artists in Residence include: Will Robinson, Khanhthan Tran, Melanie Colosimo, Eryn Foster, Sym Corrigan and Léola Leblanc.

With the combination of stop-motion animation, live footage, text, dialogue, and song, Davis’ project will look at the experience of an “Other” as they attempt to navigate and find ways to connect with communities they are entering into. As an outsider, it is a search for commonalities when there seems to be few, for new language when old language is unsuited, and of ultimately how to become a part of something that they are not.

The project will examine the skeletal structure of social interactions using the metaphor of skinned animals—once the fur and flesh is removed, the spines, hips, rib cage of each creature all look similar. Collected footage of animals interacting with other species will act as the groundwork for development.

Krista Davis is a Halifax-based animator, visual artist, performer and the co-founder and Projects Manager for OUTeast Film Festival. Her practice resembles something like a cut-and-paste stage built with wigs, furs, sequins and scraps of paper, playing to a soundtrack of either rap or finger-plucking guitars. Her work has shown locally at events such as Nocturne, Pride, Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival and the Atlantic Film Festival.

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