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CFAT involved in IMAA and HIFF!


CFAT 35th Anniversary Screening at HIFF & Involvement in IMAA

The Centre for Art Tapes is excited to announce the CFAT 35th Anniversary Retrospective Screening on June 10th, 2014 as the finale of the Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival (HIFF)!

This Retrospective is curated by Jim MacSwain and includes works by: Clifton Joseph, Cathy Busby and Melodie Calvert, Liz MacDougall and Andy Dowden, Farhad Dastur, Donna James, Cristof Migone, Renee Penny and Michael Wier, Walter Forsyth, Ann Verrall, and Ariella Pahlke. This collection of works is a celebration of some of the many media art works completed at CFAT over its 35-year history.

HIFF is an annual festival of independent films from Atlantic Canada and beyond programmed by the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative (AFCOOP). HIFF was originally conceived in 2002 and has been supporting and showcasing Maritime filmmakers and media artists ever since. More information can be found at the HIFF website: http://www.hiff.ca/.

The Centre for Art Tapes (CFAT) in partnership with the Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA), the Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival (HIFF), the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative (AFCOOP), and the National Indigenous Media Arts Coalition (NIMAC) present: Tidal Force National Media Arts Summit in Halifax June 8-11.

Tidal Force brings Arts Administrators from all over Canada together for four days to focus on artistic, political, and social topics critical to current media art practice through artistic programming and panel discussions. For more information, registration, and the Summit schedule visit the Tidal Force website: http://tidalforce.ca/.

The first ever National Media Arts Prize, created by IMAA to honour a mid-career Canadian media artist, features a $5000 prize.  The nominee selected is dedicated to shaping the future of media arts in Canada and Internationally. After receiving close to 100 applicants, the shortlist consists of: Amanda Dawn Cristie (Atlantic), Jonathan Villeneuve (Quebec), Deirde Logue (Ontario), Matthew Rankin (Prairies Northwest Territories), Jackson 2bears (Pacific), and Skawennati Fragnito (National Indigenous Media Art Coalition). The 2014 recipient will be announced at an award ceremony as part of Tidal Force on Wednesday, June 11th. This year, Tidal Force National Media Arts Summit runs in accordance to Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival (HIFF) with screenings occurring nightly after the conference.

The Centre for Art Tapes is a not-for-profit artist-run charitable organization that supports artists at all levels working with electronic media including video, audio, and new media, explored in production facilities, through curated exhibitions and screenings. For information: www.cfat.ca.

For Media Contact:
CFAT Communication and Programming Coordinator: Annalise Prodor – (902) 422 6822
Tidal Force Coordinator: Sarah MacLeod – (902) 877  5307


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