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CFAT Electronics Laboratory Call for Expressions of Interest

June 30, 2019

The Centre for Art Tapes is seeking expressions of interest from individuals interested in providing leadership, development capacity, and support in our electronics laboratory and electronics programming.

The new CFAT facility houses an electronics lab space that is under-used and requires knowledgeable and enthusiastic coordination to: 1) organize and maintain the space, 2) facilitate the use of basic and specialized electronics production equipment (solder stations, test equipment), 3) develop and increase effective programming, 4) deliver workshops of interest to members and the public, 5) develop a larger community of users, 6) support, mentor and tutor CFAT Media Art Scholars working in electronics, and, 7) connect electronic lab programming with other CFAT programming, and with other electronics programming in the community.

This call for expressions of interest is extended to any organized individual who has experience with basic electronic circuitry, soldering and electrical testing, and who may be interested in coordination of the lab on a part-time basis. It is also extended to those who may be interested in offering one or more specific workshops, or mentoring or tutoring media artists new to electronics. Knowledge of computer programming (including Arduino / Raspberry Pi / Processing) is considered an asset.

Interest arising from this call could lead to an offer for a part-time employment position at the Centre for Art Tapes, pending funding.

Individuals with extensive, some or no experience in electronics but who are interested in being added to a notification list regarding activities, workshops, programs, and events related to CFAT’s electronics lab are welcome to contact us.

If this type of position and involvement with the Centre interests you, please send a CV/ resume as well as a short cover letter outlining your experience to:

Annalise Prodor

Programming and Communication Coordinator

(902) 422-6822, communication@cfat.ca

Event Poster

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