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Call for Submissions: CFAT at Nocturne 2020

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Echolocation with CFAT: An Expanded Media Residency from the Centre for Art Tapes

Applications Due: May 18th, 2020 at 11:59pm

Residency Dates: June 8th to October 1


Echolocation is a biological sonar used by various animals, and even some humans, for spatial orientation. Through emitting sound and listening to how they echo in return, one is able to identify and locate themselves in relation to the environment in real-time. This active phenomenon speaks to relationality and impact, and the cyclical capacity to transmit, listen and receive.

Considering all of the ecological and social injustices at present, what is the role of art in transmitting our impact and collective responsibility as stewards of this land? Can art deepen kinship and communication with the natural world, encourage collaboration and relationships, and imagine a sustainable way forward? How can the land guide us as creators? Our listening? Our actions? How can we embody practices of care, reciprocity and respect for the land and each other through creation?

The Nocturne 2020 curatorial theme echolocation calls upon both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous artists to reflect on these questions in the creation of projects that consider our relationship with the land and water here in K’jipuktuk. While the subject matter of the works should address the environment and our relationship to it, we encourage artists to be inspired by the phenomenon of echolocation as a method of creation ― one rooted in listening and reciprocity with the natural world. How can your project speak to and listen to the land? How can your project be responsive to its location? Though not necessary, we also encourage artists to integrate sound into their projects.


CFAT is pleased to be teaming up with the Nocturne Art at Night Festival to commission a new expanded media work to debut at the 2020 Nocturne art at Night Festival. Using virtual reality, projection mapping and/or augmented reality, the artist will create an installation that is viewable by Nocturne’s huge crowds (for example, no single headset works).

From June 8th to October 1st, the selected artist will have unlimited use of CFATs gear to create their work. Typically, artist residencies include the use of CFAT's facilities, however in these unprecedented times of social distancing, our facilities are unavailable and may continue to be throughout the duration of the residency. CFAT will work with the selected artist to best support them. If you have questions about our equipment please visit or reach out to Tom Elliott at at any time. Limited technical assistance will be offered via CFAT Staff. Artists will be paid a $1000 commissioning fee, and given $1000 to put towards physical installation supplies for their projects. Nocturne will be generously providing the artist with a $450 presentation fee for their participation in the festival.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, we are asking that all applicants include a brief explanation on how they could adapt their project in the event that a physical installation could not be visited by the public. This may include a virtual installation, or presenting the project in the format of live streaming or video. We are also open to other format ideas. Also, due to anticipated travel restrictions, we are asking that all applicants are either currently based in Nova Scotia, or can do their residency and installation remotely.

To apply please send the following things in an email with the subject line “Nocturne VR Commissioning” to

- Project proposal (what do you want to make, what do you think it might look like?) 1 page or less in written format, less than 5 min for video or audio proposals, or email to coordinate a Zoom video call as a proposal
- CV
- Examples of past work (max 5 images and/or 5 min of audio or video)

If you have any questions about the program, please reach out to Cortney Cassidy, Interim Executive Director, at

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