CFAT is an inclusive artist-run centre that supports artists who use video, audio, and electronic media to express ideas and stories that are under-represented in mainstream culture.
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Artist Talk with Israel Ekanem

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Join us on Monday, March 18th at 6pm at the Khyber Centre for the Arts for an artist talk with our current artist in resident, Israel Ekanem. During his time with us here at CFAT, Israel has been working on his daily project My Blackout Poems as well as his weekly podcast My Blackout Podcast. Israel will be discussing his filmmaking, podcasting as well as exhibiting some of his black out poetry.

The artist talk is open to everyone and is completely free of charge. Following the talk there will be a short reception with food and refreshments.

About Israel

Israel Ekanem is a storyteller. He was introduced to the art of storytelling by his grandmother, Lydia and he fell in love with it. Storytelling has been his passion for years. The stories he initially shared would be spoken or written but he always felt the camera would give the stories more life. He received a camcorder as a birthday gift and he has been shooting and sharing stories ever since.

His films include the award-winning films We Watched The Clouds Form Shapes, Drown The Lovers, Dearg and Tale of the Man Who Whispered To Flowers. He believes that a story, properly told can change the world, one person at a time. He hopes to keep telling stories for as long as he lives.

Access Notes

No doors on the Khyber’s premise have buttons to press for automatic entry and all require a turn, push or pull. The main entrance to the Khyber is close to ground level but is 2-steps from the sidewalk on Hollis St. and weather permitting, this door will be propped open. The Granville Mall entrance further down the block on Hollis St. can be used for ground level entry before 6PM Monday-Saturday or outside of those hours if arrangements are made. There are gender-neutral washroom stalls, which include 3 toilets and a urinal located up a set of 10 stairs. There is a more private, ground level all genders wheelchair accessible washroom, which is located down a wide hallway which includes a ramp and requires key access. *NOTE: Until further notice, the wheelchair accessible washroom is currently out of order and unavailable. NSCAD is seeking a solution to a major drainage issue and once repaired we will remove this notice.*

CFAT would like to remind all that participating in public events is a privilege. Care for yourself and others. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the space, for discrimination or violent acts, which include but are not limited to: racism, white supremacy, sexism, heterosexism, cissexism/transmisogyny, tokenism, ableism, ageism, sizeism, sexualized and all acts of violence and harassment.

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