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Announcing our 2015 - 2016 Media Arts Scholars


2015-2016 Recipients

The Centre for Art Tapes is pleased to announce the 2015 Media Art Scholarship Recipients:

Robyn Badger
Moira Donovan
Kyle Alden Martens
Lynn Matheson
Fritz Musser
Josh Owen
Sadie Richards

The CFAT Media Art Scholarship Program is a rigorous six-month education and mentorship opportunity. Scholars make a media-art piece in a medium with which they have no previous background. Scholars will receive a series of free workshops designed specifically for them to gain the skills required for the realization of their projects, one-on-one mentorship with professionals working in media art, group mentorship, support from CFAT staff, a one-year CFAT membership, free access to CFAT equipment and facilities (value: $2,000+), and a public premiere of the work they create. Upon completion of the program, Scholars receive an honorarium.

The staff at CFAT look forward to getting to know the 2015 Scholars and assisting them in the creation of their first media artwork. Audiences can look forward to seeing a public presentation of the Scholar’s work in spring 2016.

The Centre for Art Tapes is a non-profit artist-run centre dedicated to Media Art. The Centre supports artists at all levels of their career; providing equipment, facilities, workshops and mentorship, as well as a wide range of exhibitions and screenings.


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